Brooklyn Police Department

Residents, businesses and other community members were sent the following letter.   We will continue to keep you informed.

September 13, 2017

Re: Brooklyn Police Department

Dear Community Member:

The Village Police Chief, Harry Barger, resigned effective September 4. Officer Wade Engelhart has been made acting chief.   The Village Board is in the process of deciding the status of the Brooklyn Police Department and would like your input.

Option 1 is to keep the Brooklyn Police Department, which then will lead to additional decisions, for example, on whether to make Acting Chief Engelhart chief or hire outside of the Village, how many additional officers to hire and what hours of coverage are needed, and long-term decisions like a possible new facility.

Option 2 is contracting with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department for coverage in the Village and discontinuing the Brooklyn Police Department.

Both options will be explained and discussed at a meeting that will occur before the end of 2017. We will inform you of the date and location.   We are asking for all interested parties to come to the meeting, listen to the options and share your opinions. Also feel free to contact the clerk’s office, Village President or any Village Trustee at any time.

Brooklyn Village Board



Clearwater Notice

NOTICE – Over the last few weeks, the wastewater
treatment plant has taken on a lot of Clearwater.

To help the system run smoothly,
please do not connect your sump pump to
the wastewater system. It is illegal to put
Clearwater into the wastewater system.

Clearwater Notice 2017


Congratulations to Village of Brooklyn

According to the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report, Brooklyn is well below the maximum level of all contaminants detectable in your drinking water.  Well done to our team in Public Works.   To see the full report, go to Public Works Department page at or for more information call Leif Spilde at 608-455-1842.