Arbor Day Celebration

April 28, 2017

Legion Park

11 am to 12:30 pm

Brooklyn 4th grade students

will be helping plant trees

Clarification of Previous Post about Recycling

Putting you recyclables in clear plastic bags is not required. But due to the recent windstorms we are asking you to put your recyclable items in clear plastic bags and then PLACE THEM IN YOUR BLUE RECYCLING BIN.

Recycling Reminder

We would like to remind residents when recycling that all recycling materials should be placed in clear or transparent bags. Clear bags can be purchased at most grocery and hardware stores.

Thank you for your assistance.

Water Hardness Information for Setting your Water Softener

Water hardness is measured by the presence of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium in tap water. These minerals originate from the soils our water source comes into contact with as it travels from and through watersheds. These minerals are leached into the water. Hard water can cause some types of scaling in pipes and water heaters, and on plumbing fixtures such as faucets and showerheads. Many people choose to install water softening devices that reduce the hardness in water. Below are the values need to set your water softener. Please contact Public Works with any questions 608-455-1842.

Total Hardness

Grains per Gallon Parts per Million
18 310

(Check out more information from The Public Works Dept. under the Departments tab.)



Check out the public works site for additional info. in regards to our department.


This past Saturday February 4th late in the afternoon two younger boys were contacted by a man in our Village. According to available information, the boys were playing and the man stopped to inquire about a parked bicycle. The man apparently wanted to know if it belonged to the boys or was abandoned. The boys told the man that the bicycle didn’t belong to them. The man requested that the boys put the bicycle into his vehicle. When the boys told him to do it himself, the man drove off.


This appears to be an isolated incident as we are unaware of other similar reports taken by local law enforcement. The best description that we have is as follows; A white male, possibly with some beard growth, and brown hair driving a blue colored sedan, probably a four door.   The vehicle was reported to have a front license plate but not a rear license plate.


This information is being passed along to our citizens. I ask that if you know more about this, please contact the Brooklyn Police Department. I also ask that if you see something suspicious, report it to your local law enforcement as soon as possible. If you should have further questions regarding this incident, please feel free to call us.


Thank you for helping to be our “eyes & ears” in our community and helping to keep it safe.


James F. “Harry” Barger

Chief of Police

Brooklyn Police Department