Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a complaint with the Village?

Complaint forms are available at the Clerk's Office.  Your name, address, phone number, nature and location of the complaint, and your signature are all required on the form.  The form can be returned to the Clerk's Office.  The Clerk will forward the complaint to the appropriate department for investigation.

The Brooklyn Police Department's citizen complaint form is designed to address complaints regarding the actions of individual officers, and/or the department in general.  The department's policy serves to enhance the relationship with the public, and is vital to maintaining a positive relationship with the community.

When do I need a Building Permit?

A building permit is required for any new construction, addition or structural changes made to your property; also for fences, finishing or remodeling a basement, bathroom, or kitchen, installation of wood stoves or fireplaces, hot tubs or whirlpools and swimming pools.  This is not a total list.  Please contact the Clerk's Office if you have a question at 455-4201. 

If you do NOT get a building permit when required, the fees can be legally doubled, a stop work order will be posted, and you could be fined for every day the work is not in compliance. 

You do not need a building permit for replacement of the same size door or window, replacing roofing shingles or siding, installing storm windows, changing flooring, carpet, or inlaid wood or tile.

How do I get an announcement on the Village LED Sign?

The following announcements will be accepted by the Village:  local Non-Profit Organizations, Charity Groups, Religious Groups, Service Organizations, Village Government, Youth Organizations, Auxiliary Groups.

A request for Village Announcements form will need to be filled out in the Clerk's Office.  All submissions need to be to the Clerk by noon on Monday the week prior to the actual date of the requested posting. You can download the Announcement Form from our web site.

How do I rent the Community Building?

Call the Clerk's Office  at 455-4201 to check on availability of the Community Building.  A Community Center Policy can be picked up at the Clerk's Office and is written in both English and Spanish.  Rental rates vary and are written in the policy. 

How do I rent a Park Shelter?

There is a $25 charge to rent the park shelter in either Legion Park or Smithfield Park.  You can call the Clerk's Office at 455-4201 to reserve the date.  You will need to pay the $25 and sign a reservation form at least two weeks before the event in the Clerk's Office. The Park Rental form can be downloaded from our web site.

How do I dispose of brush from my yard?

Brush pickup is the second Tuesday of the month usually starting in early Spring and ending in late Fall. Watch the website for specific dates each season. Brush should be placed in the terrace, parallel to the curb. No yard debris (leaves/grass) should be mixed in with the brush. For specific questions, please contact Public Works at 455-1842.

How do I dispose of old batteries?

Batteries are picked up at the curb by the Public Works Department on the first Tuesday of every month. For specific questions on this, please contact Public Works at 455-1842.