The 2020 Budget was approved by the Village Board on November 11. This is a recap of some of the line items that have been increased, reduced, discontinued or removed totally from the 2020 budget.

Total Budget increase from 2019 of $64,801.39

Wages & Benefits – increase of $5,462.33 (we have currently a clerk, deputy clerk, police chief, full-time police officer, two part-time police officers {and hiring 2 additional in 2020}, one part-time police secretary, public works director, public works assistant director, two public works employees and one seasonal public works employee.

Public Works Budget – increased $10,468, mostly due to equipment costs rising, street sweeping contract

renewal, dumpster costs increasing for Dumpster Days

Safety Budgets – increased $29,317, mostly for hiring additional part-time officers and equipment costs

Clerk/Village Board budget – increased $16,008, mostly due to wages, general contracted expenses, and

purchase of a new accessible election machine

General obligation debt – increase of $56,205 due to payments starting on Clean Water Fund loan for the

treatment plant upgrade of the required DNR phosphorus changes.

Water and Sewer debt – remain very close to previous year

EMS – Total budget impact for 2020, $77,705.41 – increase of $6,661.30 from the 2019 budget

Fire – Total budget impact for 2020, $54,468.72 – increase of $1,780.17 from 2019 budget

Items of interest happening in 2020:

TID #2 (Business Complex) – all lots were sold in 2019. O&A Manufacturing is in the process of building, as you might have seen. Northern Metal and Roofing has purchased the last lot and will be building in the spring.

Public Works – work will finish on the treatment plant upgrades before summer

Public Safety – hiring at least two part-time officers early in 2020

Debt – Two general obligation debts will be paid off in 2020

Fire – as of August 31 had an unallocated fund balance of $243,000. $175,000 of that will go towards the purchase of a new fire engine in 2020. Fire engine total cost will be $659,392. Subtracting the $175,000 of fund balance, leaves $484,392 to be paid by the municipalities. Village’s portion is $147,416. A loan was taken out to pay our portion; with first repayment to be in 2021. $110,000 from a CD will be used to purchase new SCBA equipment.

EMS – as of August 31 had an unallocated fund balance of $290,000. The Village voted to have this fund balance returned to the municipalities. That motion was not passed at the annual with all municipalities in the district.

The 2020 budget is under the formula for Expenditure Restraint Program with DOR’s recent release of growth factor data with the Village having to remain under 2.3% expense increase in the General Fund to qualify for ERP funds in 2021. The current 2020 General Fund proposed expenditure is at $1,375,737 which is over the 2019 expense of $1,299,279.

The levy will be $895,650.16, less exempt computer aid. It is an increase of $52,709 from last year. The allowable levy will have a mill rate of $8.48/1000, which is an decrease from last year of $1.04/1000 assessed value. This does not account for any TID increment values. We do have TID 1 increment value of $24,794.73 and TID 2 increment value of $17,150.07.

Any questions regarding any items on the 2019 budget, please contact the

Village Clerk’s Office @ 455-4201, Fax – 455-1385

PO Box 189 210 Commercial St

Email: [email protected]