Forms & Permits


Building permit applications and site plans need to be submitted to the clerk’s office at least 14 to 30 days before the permit can be issued.   Each of these applications are reviewed for compliance with zoning codes by the contracted Village zoning administrator.    After approval from the zoning administrator, the building inspector will write the permit.  

Building permit applications for in-home improvements can be submitted at any time to the clerk’s office.   The Village, like many municipalities in the area, contracts with an outside building inspection firm and does not have an in-house inspector.   The building inspector is in the Village every Thursday at 7 a.m. to write permits; however, he is available for inspections as needed.

Applications and zoning codes can be found below.   Please include a site plan, if needed, with your application.   Deliver, mail or email the completed application and site plan to the clerk’s office.    Village of Brooklyn, 210 Commercial Street, PO Box 189, Brooklyn, WI  53521, [email protected]   

Building permit application                                                                    New construction permit application

Fence permit application

Application For Site Plan Review Packet                                              Agreement for Reimbursable Services 

Conditional Use Permit Application                                                      Agreement for Reimbursable Services for Conditional Uses 

CSM Application                                                                                   Developer Checklist 

Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Permit Applications 

Final Plat Application                                                                           Preliminary Plat Application 

Sign Application                                                                                   Variance Application 

Zoning  or Rezoning Permit Application                                              Quick Reference Form

Right-of-Way/Public Land Opening