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Located in both Dane and Green Counties Wisconsin, the Village is conveniently located half way between Madison and Janesville off Highway 14. Our neighborly small-town (population 1413) has excellent amenities: a great school system; three Village parks; and a community center, which makes Brooklyn a great place to live!






Section 2-542: Chapter 2 of the Code of the Village of Brooklyn Code is hereby repealed and reCreated to read as follows:

Sec. 2-542. Selection and appointment.

Unless otherwise provided in this section, the following standing committees shall be selected by the village president and the proposed slate appointed annually by the village board before the third Tuesday in April meeting of the new board of trustees. All appointments shall be for a one year term, unless a different term is specified. The committee members shall serve as appointed, unless removed by the vote of a majority of the members of the board. Unless otherwise provided in this section the chairperson for each committee shall be selected by committee members.

  • Personnel The personnel committee refers to matters including and relating to village employees and administrative policies and procedures. The committee shall consist of three village trustees, one of whom is the village president.
  • Finance The finance committee refers to matters including and relating to annual budgets for all funds, collection of taxes, investments, long and short term borrowing, special assessments, mill rates, insurance and payment of invoices. The committee shall consist of three village trustees.
  • Recreation The recreation committee refers to matters including and relating to maintaining, promoting, and developing village parks and recreational areas. The committee shall consist of up to nine members,up to two of which shall be village trustees and eight of which shall be residents of the Brooklyn/Oregon School District.
  • Ordinance The ordinance committee refers to matters including and relating to the review and revision of the municipal code and fee schedules to reflect current policy. The committee shall consist of three village trustees.
  • Public works The public works committee refers to matters including and relating to construction projects, equipment needs and maintenance, training of public works employees, and oversees department and utility operations. The committee shall consist of three village trustees.
  • Safety The safety committee refers to matters including and relating to budgeting for the police department, training of officers and general matters concerning the safety and welfare of the residents of the village as well as provides oversight of the police department. The committee shall consist of three village trustees.
  • Emergency management The emergency management committee refers to matters including and relating to review of the emergency manage- ment plan and the emergency preparedness program. The committee shall consist of  the  village  president,  emergency  management  director,  clerk/treasurer, public works director, police chief, and fire chief and EMS director of the Brooklyn Joint Fire and EMS District. The village president and the emergency management director are co-chairpersons of the committee.
  • Economic development The economic development committee refers to matters including and relating to activities which support recruit- ment of new business while promoting and supporting existing businesses. The committee shall consist of nine members, comprised of three village trustees and six village residents, owners of property within the village, owners or managers of businesses located in the village.
  • Media Committee. The media committee refers to matters involving consistency in message and branding, when informing our community, the press and the world at large via websites, social network accounts, apps, LCD sign, newsletters and press releases, among other platforms/forms of media that communicate the message from the Village of Brooklyn.  The committee shall consist of 4 members, comprised of the Recreation Committee chair, the Economic Development Committee chair, the Clerk or Deputy Clerk of the Village, and a village trustee. 
  • Planning and zoning The planning and zoning commission refers to matters including and relating to planning, zoning, land use, development of the village, review of the zoning code, requests for zoning changes and conditional use permits. The commission shall consist of seven members. Appointments shall be for three years and are made by the village president during the month of April or at any time should a vacancy occur during the middle of the term. Commission appointments shall be subject to village board approval.
  1. There shall be at all times at least four members of the commission who are not village
  2. The village president shall be a member of the The village president shall be chairperson, unless the president appoints another member of the commission as chairperson.
  3. Commission members shall serve for three years each, unless a member becomes ineligible during his term as provided in subsection (9)d of this
  4. A member shall be ineligible to serve on the commission if:
    1. A citizen member becomes a village official or village trustee; or
    2. A member is neither a resident of the village nor owns real estate in the
  • Ad hoc Ad hoc committees may be formed per Robert Rules of Order, Revised Edition, and as delineated in section 2-470.

(Ord. of 2-14-2015, § 2-7-4.01; Ord. No. 3.17(c), 8-9-2010)







Cybersecurity Awareness Month

September 27, 2017

MADISON, Wis. - We lead internet-connected, digital lives. From our homes to work, computers, notebooks, smart phones and other devices have made our lives easier. This has also made us vulnerable to cyber attackers. That's why Governor Scott Walker has designated October as Wisconsin's Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

"Cyber is part of our daily lives and impacts our entire economy and society," said Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin's adjutant general and Homeland Security Advisor. "We need to understand cyber hygiene on a personal and organizational level, and practice it or accept the consequences of bad cyber actors intent on crime, theft, damage to reputations, and destabilization of routine operations."

"Simply performing basic cyber hygiene on a continual basis can dramatically reduce your chances of intrusions and attacks from impacting you, said David Cagigal, chief information officer with the Wisconsin Department of Administration's Division of Enterprise Technology.

Good cyber hygiene comes down to count, control, patch and repeat. These tips can help protect you from cyber attacks.

COUNT: Know what's connected to your network
. Identify authorized and unauthorized devices along with lost or stolen assets. You need to begin with an inventory.
. Knowing what IT assets you own will allow you to better manage your IT infrastructure and its security.
. Every piece of equipment has vulnerabilities and exposes you to risk. How you handle the risk will depend on what the equipment is and what purpose it has.
. You can't protect what you don't know exist.

CONTROL: Protecting your systems by properly managing accounts and limiting user and administrator privileges to only what they need to do their job.
. Properly controlling access to business information and systems reduces the risk of accidents, unauthorized access/use and security breaches.
. Failure to properly manage access can result in compromise and loss, damage or unauthorized disclosure of sensitive and private information.
. Special care must be taken with "privileged accounts" used by system administrators, since they have the ability to create accounts and change or by-pass security settings.
. Controlling access using good processes, including the use of strong passwords reduces the risk of accounts being compromised and used for unauthorized purposes.

PATCH: Protecting your systems by keeping current!
. Patch and vulnerability management is a security practice designed to proactively prevent the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities that exist within an organization.
. The expected result is to reduce the time and money spent dealing with vulnerabilities and exploitation of those vulnerabilities.
. Proactively managing vulnerabilities of systems will reduce or eliminate the potential for exploitation and involve considerably less time and effort than responding after an attack has occurred.

REPEAT: Why is this step important?
. Reviewing your list will insure that each cycle of each individual priority has been appropriately met and that nothing falls through the cracks in your Cyber Hygiene.

Each week this October, ReadyWisconsin will highlight efforts to keep everyone in Wisconsin safe from cybercrime. Visit http://readywisconsin.wi.gov for more information. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

These and many other topics will be discussed at Wisconsin's 5th Annual Governor's Cybersecurity Summit, Monday, Oct. 16 at the Gordon Event Center, UW-Madison. Learn more about the Summit and register online at http://cybersummit.wisconsin.gov.





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Dane County Library Service Bookmobile

 The Dane County Bookmobile invites children of all ages to check us out on   

Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 in

Brooklyn, at the gazebo

  For more information, call the Bookmobile office at 266-9297.









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