Cemetery Info


Mount Hope Cemetery Policy and Procedure


The supervision of the cemetery is under the direction of the Director of Public Works. The Public Works Department will determine and locate the grave buy lasix 40 mg site upon any lot.

There shall be a deed for every grave site, or combination of graves on one lot.  All sites must be paid in full by the purchaser.  The grave shall not be dug until the interment fee is paid or other arrangements are made with the Clerk's office.  The funeral home will be invoiced for any additional charges.

The price of lots will be determined by the Village of Brooklyn Board of Trustees.  All lots are provided with maintenance and care.  Cement or steel vaults are required.  A resident Gravesite is $500, non-resident $750.

The Clerk's office shall refer all requests for grave site purchases to the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department shall meet with the family to assist in site selection and provide the Clerk's office the Section, Block, and grave site number(s).  The Village Clerk shall issue a cemetery deed.

The records of sections, lots and graves are recorded at the Office of the Village Clerk.

The Clerk's office shall refer all requests for burial to the Public Works Department.  The Public Works Department shall inform the Clerk's office of any scheduled burial and request the funeral home to complete and fax the Mount Hope Cemetery Burial Information form and Disposition of Human Remains form to the Village Clerks office.    The completed forms shall be kept on file in the Clerk's office.

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