Brooklyn Recycling Information



Quick Overview

    1. The Village of Brooklyn scheduled pickup day is Wednesday.


    1. Your blue cart is for recycling. The all-in-one recycling system allows you to put all your recyclables in one cart.


    1. Blue recycling carts are picked up every other week. Your calendar/schedule designates which weeks you should put your blue recycling cart out to be serviced along with your trash cart for that week.


    1. The dark brown cart is for trash. It is picked up every week on your scheduled day of pickup.


    1. Do not put any trash to the curb that is not in the cart unless you have made prior arrangements with Pellitteri Waste Systems.


    1. Carts must be set out by 7 A.M. and placed in the correct position for pickup.


    1. All carts are the property of Pellitteri's. Please do not take the carts if you move.



Cart Placement Instructions



Placement of the carts: Please place your carts 4 feet apart from each other and never put the carts in front of one another. The carts need to be within two feet of the street. The best placement for the carts is at the end of the driveway or on the grass within 2 feet of the road. We recommend placing carts on opposite sides of your driveway. Carts will not be collected if they are improperly placed.

Give us some room: With the automated collection trucks we need some room away from obstructions like trees, mailboxes and cars.

Loading of your cart: We recommend bagging your trash and recyclables so it won't stick to the inside of the cart. This will also help to keep the carts clean on the inside. Do your best to break down the items inside the cart so they don't lodge themselves inside and make it impossible to dump.

Face the cart towards the street: Put your cart at the street so the arrows on the lid of the cart will point towards the street. The serial numbers on the front of the cart should also face the street. By placing your cart correctly it is easier to dump and it will be much less likely to have waste spill out.

Recycling Information



What is Recyclable? All recyclables should be put in your blue recycling cart.

Recyclable Metal & Glass:

    1. Aluminum cans and aluminum pie plates


    1. Tin/Steel cans


    1. Brown, clear and green glass beverage containers


Expanded Paper Recycling Includes:

    1. Cardboard


    1. Catalogs


    1. Cereal and Cracker boxes


    1. Computer paper


    1. Envelopes


    1. Holiday Gift Wrapping Paper


    1. Juice boxes and other drink packages


    1. Junk mail


    1. Magazines


    1. Newspapers


    1. Office paper


    1. Paper egg cartons


    1. Paper grocery bags


    1. Paper milk and juice cartons


    1. Phone books


    1. Clean pizza boxes (no food or grease)


Expanded Plastic Recycling Includes:

    1. All plastic bottles (no motor oils)


    1. Plastic containers #1-7


Non-Recyclable Plastics:

    1. Deli containers


    1. Frozen food containers


    1. Microwave dinner plates


    1. Plastic bags


    1. Plastic film, wrap, or Styrofoam



Recycling Tips


    1. Flatten cardboard boxes, cereal boxes and other large items to make room in your blue recycling cart.


    1. Additional recyclables that don't fit in the blue cart may be put in clear plastic bags and placed next to your blue cart.


    1. Your blue recycling cart will not be picked up if it contains trash, yard waste, or prohibited items.


    1. Keep your calendar/schedule in a convenient location for reference.


    1. Blue carts placed outside for pickup on the wrong week will not be collected.




Bulky Items • Appliances • Special Waste

Bulky Items: The following items or types of waste require prepayment and special instructions to follow:

    1. White goods (appliances)


    1. Furniture


    1. Large items


    1. Tires


    1. Construction/Demolition/Remodeling Waste


    1. Roofing


    1. Siding


    1. Basement cleanouts


Please make a list of the items you want to discard, including the type of material it is made out of. Then call our office at (608) 257-4285. We will give you instructions and schedule your pickup on the next available date.

If you have large amounts of material to discard please visit our website or call us about our temporary container services.

We also offer Document Destruction Services if you have confidential papers to dispose of.  Please call our office to make arrangements for this service.

CAUTION!        WARNING!        CAUTION!        WARNING!



Special Waste:

Household hazardous wastes, paint and chemicals are not to be disposed of in the trash.

Items that contain:

    1. Explosives


    1. Gasses


    1. Solvents


    1. Corrosives


    1. Chemicals (including pool chemicals)


    1. Poisons


    1. Biological hazards including needles


All require special handling and disposal. Please use the Dane County Household Hazardous Waste Clean Sweep collection site. For further information please visit

Do not place any hot ashes in the carts - you will start a fire. You are responsible for any damages to the carts.