Emergency Management

Listening session for Village’s portion of the Dane County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan will be held during the Public Works Committee meeting on November 16 (see agenda for time and location).   You can find the Dane County plan documents here.

Village-of-Brooklyn Annex to the Dane County plan

Village-of-Brooklyn NHMP

Comments can also be sent to the Village clerk’s office at [email protected]


We have all watched the news and seen the horrible devastation a disaster brings to a community. What is less known, is an emergency plan can minimize the loss of life, provide rapid emergency care to the injured and displaced, create a safe environment for victims, protect property, and bring organization and order to a potentially chaotic situation. It is the local government’s ultimate responsibility to protect its citizens as much as possible during any crisis. To achieve this goal, the Village Emergency Management Committee completed a comprehensive revision of our Emergency Plan (2011) and restructured our Emergency Management Program to assure ongoing preparedness by local officials, Village staff and emergency service providers. With this plan, coupled with county, state, and federal resources, Brooklyn is now positioned to respond quickly and effectively to any disaster we might face. This link provides a short version of our Emergency Plan. In addition, this site will periodically provide general information on emergency preparedness topics to to inform what families and individuals can to more effectively manage their own possible emergencies. Leif Spilde, Assistant Director of Public Works and Assistant Fire Chief, has been appointed Emergency Management Director and responsible for additions to this link.

Emergency Management Plan