With the Census data in, the counties have been working on redistricting the boundary lines for election purposes.  Green County has finished theirs.  The Green County portion of the village did not change.  Maps of Green County and the Village can be found here.  

Dane County Supervisors will vote tomorrow evening on the proposed Dane County map.  Village wards can only be up to 1000 persons and the Dane County side of the village is at 1,026 at the 2020 Census count.   Therefore, the Village Board voted Monday night on the split for the Dane County portion of the Village into Wards 1, 3, and 4.  You can find the proposed maps for Dane County and the Village here.  

You will see no difference in voting.  All voting will still be done at the Community Building, 102 N. Rutland Avenue.  All Village of Brooklyn Dane County residents will receive the same ballots, as everyone will be in the same county supervisory district.   

Please call the clerk’s office if you have any questions.   Thank you.  




Starting at 5 a.m. on the following streets recently seal coated:   Bowman, Railroad, North and South 1st Street, North Street, 2nd Street, Division and 4th Street.      Please remove vehicles off the street before 5 a.m. tomorrow.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


Friday July 2, on Bowman, Railroad, N & S 1st, North, 2nd, Division and 4th.  NO PARKING after 5 a.m. Friday July 2. 

Thank you.