Be weather prepared during rare December wind and storm event

All of Wisconsin is under a high wind warning, with gusts expected late Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning.

The National Weather Service is expecting those gusts to exceed 65 mph in some areas. There is also a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms, with isolated tornadoes possible.

ReadyWisconsin is urging people to be prepared during this weather event. Make preparations now for power outages that could be prolonged in some areas.

To stay safe from severe weather, ReadyWisconsin encourages people to do the following:

·         Know where designated shelters are located at home, work, and school, and be ready to go there when a tornado warning is issued.

·         Have multiple ways to receive alerts about approaching severe weather. Outdoor warning sirens, a NOAA Weather Radio, local media, and smartphone apps are all important tools. Don’t rely on any single source for important life-saving alerts.

·         If you have a mobile device, make sure it is enabled to receive Wireless Emergency Alerts. On many devices, that option is available in the settings menu.

·         Create an emergency kit for your home, with supplies such as food, water, a flashlight, and first aid kit. Find tips for building a kit at

During high wind events, avoid being outside in forested areas and around trees and branches. If possible, remain in lower levels of your home and avoid windows. ReadyWisconsin suggests securing lightweight objects, such as holiday decoration, and bring unsecured objects inside.

Travel may also be difficult for those driving high-profile vehicles, such as semi-trucks and large SUVs. Crosswinds can easily affect these vehicles with a larger surface area.

Wisconsin Emergency Management is monitoring the weather conditions and stands ready to assist if local officials request assistance.

For more tips on severe weather, visit