Clerk’s Office & Public Works Dept Closed – 7-3-20

Have a safe and happy 4th of July, but please follow the Village Ordinance below.  Thank you for your cooperation.   

Village Ordinance Sec. 20-7. – Regulation of fireworks.

(a)  No person shall use, keep, discharge, explode, sell, expose or offer for sale any fireworks within the limits of the village unless he shall be authorized by a fireworks permit as provided in this section. The term “fireworks” in this section shall be defined so as to bring within the prohibitions of this section all fireworks prohibited by Wis. Stats. § 167.10 as amended or renumbered from time to time. Nothing in this section shall prohibit fireworks specifically exempted from regulation by Wis. Stats. § 167.10 nor shall this section be construed so as to conflict with that statute.

(b)  Nothing herein contained shall prohibit the use of fireworks for pyrotechnic displays given by fair associations, amusement parks, the village recreation committee or civic organizations under a fireworks permit granted by the village board nor shall the provisions of this section prohibit the use or sale of colored flares or the use or sale of blank cartridges for theatrical purposes or for signal purposes in athletic contests or sports events, or by railroads for signal purposes, or for the use by militia, police or military organizations.

(c)  All organizations obtaining fireworks permits from the village board shall take all reasonable precautions with regard to the protection of the lives and property of all persons. Before granting any fireworks permits the village board shall determine that the applicant will exercise reasonable precautions with regard to the protection of the lives and property of all persons and shall require the applicant to guarantee the payment of all claims that may arise by reason of injuries to persons or property from the handling, use or discharge of fireworks under such permit. Any activity pursuant to the permit must be supervised by the police department and/or the Brooklyn Fire Protection District. Further, before any permit may be issued by the village president, the permit must be reviewed and approved by the fire chief and police chief.

(d)  Fee. The applicant for the fireworks permit shall be responsible for any and all costs incurred by the village and/or the Brooklyn Fire Protection District in connection with the issuance and use of the permit.