Contracting with Dane County

The Village Board has released this statement regarding contracting with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.  

You can read the statement here or below: 


 Dear Brooklyn Residents,


 The Village Board has received several questions regarding the cost of the transition from the local Brooklyn Police Department to contracting police services through the Dane County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO). We hope this letter will provide clarity and address the questions that we have received.


 Because the Village faced and resolved a recent lawsuit over alleged Brooklyn Police Department wrongdoing as well as unresolved Brooklyn PD personnel issues and complaints, the Village’s future potential liability needs to be minimized to safeguard the taxpayers against significant future costs. By contracting with DCSO, the Village of Brooklyn’s potential liability stemming from policing becomes ZERO.


Besides the liability protection, the contract services from DCSO is a value added product for the Village. To begin to approach this level of service within a small municipality to the degree necessary in current times, the Village would need to engage AT LEAST the following positions or organizations at SIGNIFICANT COST to the residents:


                ·         Attorney, specializing in Police matters


·         Police policy and procedure Analyst

·         Professional Standards officer

·         A specialty organization to Investigate complaints against/incidents by Brooklyn Police

·         Police Commission (3-5 people by state statute)

·         Full-time Police Administrative Assistant

·         Human Resources Administrator

·         Increase Police training level beyond State reimbursement level

·         Increase Police Insurance and overall Village Insurance coverage

·         And more – see attached Appendix

The contract with the DCSO also provides collaborative oversight and management of our community policing to be consistent with changes within our community.

 In summary, the Villages is protected from ANY potential future liability arising from police wrongdoing and gains all of the resources of a large and experienced law enforcement agency, while maintaining local control and local identity. Our residences will be well served by the trained and experienced deputies who will serve our community.




Village of Brooklyn Board