May 5, 2021 – NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Awareness Day

MADISON, Wis – When dangerous thunderstorms and tornadoes develop, it’s essential to have a reliable way to receive alerts about approaching severe weather. This Wednesday, May 5 is NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Awareness Day and ReadyWisconsin encourages everyone to add one of these life-saving devices to their home.

“A weather radio can help make sure you are warned about severe thunderstorms, flash floods, tornadoes, and other hazards in your area that could put your safety at risk,” said Dr. Darrell L. Williams, Wisconsin Emergency Management administrator. “When putting together your emergency plan for home, work, or school, making sure you have access to one of these important devices should be an essential part of that process.”

A NOAA Weather Radio is an automated 24-hour source of weather forecasts, watches, and warnings provided by the National Weather Service and its parent agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). When an alert is issued, the devices will sound an alarm and broadcast information about the hazard. When there is no severe weather or emergency, radios can be switched to a silent, stand-by mode.

All NOAA Weather Radio Stations broadcast on one of several frequencies in the VHF Public Service band. To find the frequency for your area, vist

Many devices also feature a battery back-up, in the event power is lost during a storm. Weather radios can be purchased at most electronic stores or online.

In addition to your home, consider packing a portable weather radio with your camping or boating gear when you spend time outdoors.

“No matter where you are, it’s important to have multiple ways to receive weather alerts,” Williams said. “Weather radios, outdoor warning sirens, Wireless Emergency Alerts on a mobile device, and local broadcast media are essential ways to stay aware of dangerous storms.”