Summer Lawn Meter(s)

Summer Lawn Meter(s)

Outside water meters are available at the Clerk’s Office to be rented for outdoor purposes. This includes establishing a new lawn, filling a pool, or watering your garden.

Water used outdoors is not discharged into the wastewater system. Therefore, residents can rent outside meters to track their outdoor usage and receive a sewer use credit at the end of the summer season or by calling in the meter readings monthly (27th of each mo.) to the Clerk’s Office at 608-455-4201 ext. 1.


The cost is as follows:

  • $ 7.50 rental fee per month
  • $ 100 security deposit

If the meter is damaged in any way, including leaving it out in freezing conditions, the security deposit will be forfeited. Meters need to be returned by September 30th.

Pursuant to the PSC, water adjustments cannot be made for temporary water meters.