Message from Pellitteri about Rechargeable batteries


Important Safety Notice: Rechargeable Batteries  

Do not put rechargeable batteries in your trash or recycling carts. Rechargeable or lithium-ion batteries can ignite and start fires, even when they are no longer useful in consumer products. 

You should take rechargeable batteries to a local drop-off site. Check your local Clean Sweep location or battery store. Or visit to find a nearby drop-off site. 

Remember, lithium-ion batteries come in all shapes and sizes (coin cell, cylindrical, rectangular, pouch packs) and can be single-use or rechargeable. If you need to charge an item…it has a battery.

Some devices containing lithium-ion batteries include laptops, tablets, cellphones, power tools, battery packs, vape products, cordless telephones, scooters, watches, hearing aids, cameras, remote control toys, and electric toothbrushes. 


·        EPA Guidelines 

·        Department of Transportation Guidelines 

·        Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Guidelines