Pellitteri Information on Mattresses, Box Springs

Information on Mattresses, Box Springs Waterproof Storage Bags

May 2017

Residents that would like a mattress or box spring picked up from the curb are required to first put them in a waterproof plastic or vinyl storage/disposal bag.
Cotton mattress protectors are not acceptable, it needs to be waterproof.

Most places that sell moving materials and stores that sell bed sheets sell the storage bags. They are typically buy lasix usa marketed as a storage bag for when you’re moving, or as a protector against allergens. Average costs range from $10-$20, depending on where they’re purchased .
Examples of vinyl/waterproof storage bags:

• In-store at Wal-Mart (in Monona, Mainstays brand, “Waterproof zippered vinyl mattress protector”, $12)
• In-store at U-Haul (west Madison, storage bag, $8)
• Online:
* (Linenspa brand, “mattress storage bag with double adhesive”, $11)
* Target
* Bed Bath & Beyond
* Menard’s